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Client Says

  • Our IT firm has 300-600 strong employees working in our four branches. We heard about Certified Training Institute's online and offline courses offering various courses such as Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Hadoop, Big Data and more, we are now sending our employees in batches of 50 at a time for the training. As of now, we have completed training to almost 500 of our employees. We started enrolling for the training of our workforce with Certified Training Institute since last year and there is tangible improvement in the efficiency levels of our employees resulting in more profit. In fact, we are recommending our channel partners to send their employees to learn the newest skill sets.

  • We are a finance firm with employee strength of 400 people. We learned about Certified Training Institute and the courses offered by them through one of our channel partners. Initially, we send a batch of 12 of our employees for the training. After finishing their online training, the efficiency level of that particular department increased like never before. This batch got trained without losing any of the working days and we were immensely happy about the outcome. Now, we have decided to send the entire workforce to get trained in the skill sets offered by Certified Training Institute.

  • We are a non-banking finance firm with around 700 employees. What we liked about Certified Training Institute is their flexibility in pursuing different certificate courses. We were never hampered with work suffering at any point in time, when our employees were attending these courses. Our employees were able to practically implement the skill sets they learned from Certified Training Institute to the fullest extent, thus bringing our efficiency levels to an all time high. This is certainly a value for money proposition.

  • We are one of the leading recruitment firms. We have an excellent track record of placing quite a high number of persons in various industries. Of late, we have noticed that or IT clients and other patrons from vivid segments insist on hiring people with the certification from Certified Training Institute. Since last year, the highest number candidates we were able to place were those who were trained in Certified Training Institute. This goes to show that what value addition the BA Certification brings on the table.

  • I work for a multinational bank. Earlier, I was working for a local bank. Once I did BA Certification course from Certified Training Institute, while working for the local bank, I did not even take any effort to try in another bank. One of the leading head hunting firms called me up before I completed the BA Certification course for a screening. When I visited the consultant, to my surprise I was given appointment order without any interview from the client firm. That is how I got my job in the multinational bank. After probationary period of six months, the management has appreciated my skill sets and have doubled my salary.