Numetric raise $13 million funds to develop niche Business Analytics

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Numetric, the top Business Analytics platform from the US had recently announced that the company had raised an estimated $13 million to develop better, faster Business Analytics, according to a PR Newswire statement. The firm had recently announced the closing of nearly $13 million funding round led by Insight Venture Partners, EPIC Ventures, Tim Draper, and Aaron Skonnard of Pluralsight. Nicolas Wittenborn of Insight Venture Partners will be joining the board. This funding follows a $1.5 million Seed round led by EPIC Ventures. The fresh funds will fuel Numetric’s hyper-growth trajectory.

The company has immediate plans to invest heavily in further building out its team and already robust platform. Numetric’s interactive interface allows users at all levels of expertise to quickly access and cut through spreadsheet-crashing levels of data. The company boasts corporate customers from Lenovo to Shell and state governments from New York to Utah, noted the report.

Robert Sweeney, founder, and CEO of Numetric said; “We are transforming the future of business intelligence by making business data instantly consumable by everyone who needs it. It allows all employees to make decisions based on data, not just perception or intuition.”

What is more, Numetric’s tools have the ability to query one billion rows in milliseconds, without ever experiencing ominous loading screens. Now with unlimited users and data sharing, employees can instantly share findings across departments, vendors and more. No programmers, no formulas, no confusion, the report pointed out.

“The ever-increasing complexity of business challenges across sectors make fast, collaborative data analysis more critical and transformative than ever before,” said Nicolas Wittenborn, Vice President at Insight Venture Partners said and added: “The Numetric team has built a great product that customers love and we are looking forward to working in the company’s future together.”

“This is the way data would have been managed if people knew then what they know now, flexible, fast and easy to use analytics. Numetric is making analytics fun again.” Tim Draper said.

“Numetric has the potential to change the landscape of data management for retailers, governments and transportation providers,” EPIC Ventures director Ryan Hemingway pointed out. Numetric is a customer-centered data product company, focusing on understanding and solving core customer problems rather than building feature checklists or keeping up with the Joneses. This results in unconventional but delightful solutions that make us stand-out in the crowded Business Intelligence space. The firm has a laser-focused mission to make every white-collar employee capable of doing their own analysis. We do this by giving business users tools that make sense to them and by giving IT teams automated solutions for keeping data clean, connected, and easy to understand. For more information on Numetric and to request a demo visits

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