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Business Analytics Certification

Advanced Business Analysis is an online training course. Combined with hands-on modules and theoretical training, the course will make the student understand the roles and responsibilities, tools used, documents created and many other duties exclusive to a Business Analyst.

Advanced Business Analysis Training Outline
A Business Analyst is a professional who analyses the domain in which a company works and documents business processes and systems or suggests technology that can be integrated for the benefit of the firm. A Business Analytics will become an all-rounder, bridging a gap between management and developers who are responsible for developing and completing a project. In any business environment, a BA plays the crucial role of planning a project from the start until the end, setting deadlines, allocating resources and seeing to its completion.

Course Outline
The course is designed to enhance the career growth of individuals who have interest in working on technical projects that involve people, process, and technology coordination. The course introduces several hard and soft skills that a Business Analyst of present day generation is expected to have. The focus of the course is on imparting technical knowledge that a BA is expected to perform as part of the assigned tasks.

As part of the program, students will get exposure to concepts detailed in the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge® BABOK 2.0. BABOK® is the official book of knowledge prescribed by the International Institute of Business Analysis to help business analysis practitioners deliver business value. It is also the global benchmark based on which certified and non-certified Business Analysts perform their core functions. The BABOK Guide discusses in detail as part of the course plan.

The curriculum includes Background of Business Analysis and how Business Analysts help corporations, Roles, and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst; Skills required writing SMART requirements, Business Requisition Documents, Use cases, etc.; Tools and resources used in documentation and Business Analysis, Best practices in business analysis for various industry scenarios and Exposure to global industry benchmarks for quality and analysis.

Course Duration
2 days
Who can enroll?
Students or Passed out individuals who want exposure and background training in Business Analysis and Working Business Analysts who want a professional certificate can enroll.
Course Eligibility
Graduation or diploma in any stream, besides the basic computer and Internet literacy and basic understanding of tech platforms, programming languages, and systems.
Course Schedule
Introduction to Business Analysis on What, Why, Who, and How aspects of Business Analysis.
BABOK® Overview: An introduction to the contents of BABOK® and how it can be used for day today BA activities

Role of a Business Analyst: Describe various tasks performed by a Business Analyst in a project discussion on various roles played by Business Analyst in the Market

Requirement Definition and Types, What is a Requirement, How can they be classified, Effective Techniques, Writing a SMART Requirement, Scope Modeling, Interviews and Workshops, Prototyping, Writing Use Case Specifications, Non-Functional Requirements and pros and cons of each techniques Introduction to UML, what is UML, what is a Model and Benefits of UML
UML Diagrams Overview
Overview of all the 13 UML diagrams and Elaborate on UML diagrams recommended for Business Analyst
Use Case Best Practices
Elaborate on Use Case Best Practices, do and don’ts
Technical terms used in Business Analysis

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