Business Analysis Certification Prep Training Course

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This is the online BA certificate training program for students to get practice with the study guide on competency level. This certification prep will help you with multiple examination questions that can turn your career as a Business Analyst. All the classes are instructed by experienced Business Analysts and BA trainers who seasoned players from the industry.

Business Analysis
Business Analysis is the activity of analyzing to gain knowledge about a domain in which an entity exists. Business Analysts are intellectual beings who do an analysis of various key metrics relating to the business and the industry to extract better processes. Business Analysts liaises with stakeholders, developers, and management to come up with doable solutions that will enhance productivity and performance of a business.

There are several certification programs in Business Analysis offered by International Institute of Business Analysis and others.

CBAP ® – The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) course is a certificate program offered by an International Institute of Business Analysis. Eligibility criteria includes 7500 hours of previous Business Analysis Experience in the past ten years
CCBA ® – Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA) is a competency-based certification framework that trains aspiring Business Analysts to join the professional league through the better understanding of business analysis requirements. The requirements for this course include 3,750 working experience in Business Analysis, 21 hours of professional development in the past four years. Students will have to undergo adequate training to become well-prepared for the examinations of such courses.

Business Analysis Certification Prep Course
The aim of the course is to mold students to become professional Business Analysts who can handle all levels of Business Analysis in a corporate world. The course is handled by professional lecturers with decade-long working and teaching experience. As part of the course training, students will be exposed to the six knowledge areas of Business Analysis, the various functions that a Business Analyst must perform and also learn from hands-on training projects.
On completion of the course, students will be offered a course of completion certificate along with PDH/CDU necessary for the CBAP ® or CCBA ® certificate offered by International Institute of Business Analysis.

The Business Analysis Certificate Prep course is specially designed for students and IT professionals who want to add Business Analysis to their skill-set, individuals who want to explore the business possibilities in Analytics, professionals who want to revive their mid-life career, Business Consultants, Process Improvement managers, Requirement Analysts and Systems Analysts.

The degree of Diploma and minimum working experience and professional development units as applicable, basic computer literacy and understanding of common technologies and programming languages, besides the basic understanding of IT project management.

Course Duration

3 days
Course Schedule
Day 1
Introduction to IIBA®, CBAP®, CCBA™ and BABOK® 2.0
Business Planning and Monitoring
Requirements Elicitation

Day 2
Requirements Management and Communication
Enterprise Analysis
Requirements Analysis

Day 3
Solution Assessment and Validation
Underlying Competencies
Techniques for BA functions
Test-taking strategies and tips

Other Course Highlights:
Review of the latest version of Business Analysis Book of Knowledge
Review of the learning guide of Business Analysis Book of Knowledge
Learning and understanding FAQs listed in the IIBA ® website

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